Trees for Emissions

One of my first-ever blog posts was on Less Offsets and what they are doing to help combat the CO2 emissions from air travel. As the demand for more environmentally responsible travel increases, more airlines and travel companies are stepping up to do their part in the fight against climate change. In late 2019, low-costContinue reading “Trees for Emissions”

Product Power: Toothpaste

Everyone brushes their teeth (well… we hope they do). This means that everyone needs toothpaste. Typically, we buy large tubes of it once every few months. When travelling, particularly by air, we usually opt for the small, travel-sized tubes that won’t get nabbed by airport security. The big problem with all of this? The plastic!Continue reading “Product Power: Toothpaste”

SOS from Australia

I wanted my first post in 2020 to be something upbeat and positive, something fun surrounding travel and sustainability. I wanted it to set the tone for the year ahead. Then, Australia caught fire. Australia is one of my absolute favourite countries. It has beautiful beaches, stunning trails, lush greenery, incredible wildlife, and some trulyContinue reading “SOS from Australia”

The 12 Days of Blogsmas

As a PR student at Seneca College in Toronto, Ontario, I had the opportunity to be interviewed on Seneca Media’s podcast about The Ethical Traveler. It was such a pleasure to talk travel and sustainability, have a listen and be sure to check out the other bloggers they interviewed as well!

The Mamirau√° Institute

The Amazon Rainforest in Brazil is one of the most important ecosystems on our planet. Sometimes called the lungs of the planet, the rainforest cleans the air of greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, and other toxins, and provides a huge portion of the oxygen we need to live. It produces life-giving precipitation across the globe andContinue reading “The Mamirau√° Institute”

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