The Mamirauá Institute


The Amazon Rainforest in Brazil is one of the most important ecosystems on our planet. Sometimes called the lungs of the planet, the rainforest cleans the air of greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, and other toxins, and provides a huge portion of the oxygen we need to live. It produces life-giving precipitation across the globe and provides a home for thousands of plant and animal species that stabilize the world’s climate.

Our planet cannot survive without the rainforest.

Yet, we continue to destroy it.

Ecotourism in the Amazon has the power to educate and protect the rainforest, if used properly. The Mamirauá Institute (MI) is one that is doing just that.

On their website, the MI, sponsored by the ministry of technology, innovations, and communications, says their goals include:

…the application of science, technology and innovation in the adoption of strategies and public policies for the conservation and sustainable use of Amazonian biodiversity. They also include the construction and consolidation of models for the economic and social development of small riverside communities through the development of socially and environmentally appropriate technologies. (source)

To support both the local communities as well as sustainable tourism practices, the institute started the community-based tourism program. This has given a much-needed boost to the area’s economy and has been providing tourists with an ethical and sustainable way to see the Amazon.


It is not too late to save our rainforests. Organizations like the Mamirauá Institute are vital to raising awareness, protecting, and regenerating these vital ecosystems. As travelers, it is our responsibility to make sure that we support them, and that we do our research to avoid companies that claim to be green but are not actually.

Check out this sustainable tourism map of Brazil for more information on ethical travel in that region.

Also be sure to keep up with Mamiraua on their Instagram.

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